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DIOMYX DIOWAX 4in1 - Improved Formula

DIOMYX DIOWAX 4in1 - Improved Formula

DIOWAX 4in1 is by far our best selling Valeting Product.

Use in and outside the vehicle DIOWAX 4in1;





By far our BEST SELLING vehicle cleaning product.

Used by HUNDREDS of Truckers, Professional Valeters, Auto Restoration Specialists

and Car & Bike Cleaning Enthusiasts.

Spray wipe and buff on ANY HARD SURFACE for a brilliant finish.

Incorporating high quality CARNAUBA WAX, DIOWAX 4in1 leaves shine surfaces like paintwork, shiny but leaves satin finishes a clean and crisp finish just like it came out of the factory!

DIOWAX 4in1 can even be used on Windows and Glass Surfaces (we don't recommend using the exterior of Windscreens).

BIKERS love DIOWAX 4in1, not only does it clean and protect, its high wax content repels rain water... ideal for using on Motorcycle Crash Helmets... especially the visor. Bugs and Flies are easily removed... simply spray on, wait a minute for the insects to soften off the surface and wipe away!

This NEW FORMULA DIOWAX 4in1 has now been upgraded to offer greater protection to all hard surfaces.

DIOWAX 4in1 is available in new 500ml Handy Refillable Trigger Sprayer and also our Trade 5 Litre Bulk Pack which includes a FREE 500ml Round Trigger Spray Bottle and Microfibre Cloth.

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